Dispute Resolution Statistics Released by eCOGRA

In order to enable the internet gambling industry to be aware of the status of disputes at online casinos approved by eCOGRA, this reputed online casino accreditation organization releases dispute resolution statistics twice a year.

According to eCOGRA’s Fair Gaming Advocate, Tex Rees, the 2011 half year dispute report shows that eCOGRA accredited operators have maintained an incredibly low complaint ratio of below 0.5% per site on average every month over the first half of 2011. What is even more amazing is the fact that most of the valid complaints received by eCOGRA were resolved by them within 3 days.

Rees reported that those cases where he had requested information and explanations, the operators have responded in a fast and cooperative manner and in each case have been quick to respect his findings which resulted in speedy resolutions to the problems. He also revealed that a small percentage of online players still endeavor to bypass certain of the terms and conditions that govern play and payouts and these players are slowing becoming more creative in their tactics. The operators have, therefore, developed improved methods in order to identify them and then lock them out.

There is more than145 tier one online gambling sites recognized by eCOGRA and owned by some of the most established operators on the internet. All players who wager at any online casinos that have been awarded with eCOGRA’s “Safe and Fair” seal are offered free dispute resolution services.

Of the 475 complaints received by eCOGRA during the first half of 2011, 57 were from players who wagered at online casinos that had not been approved by eCOGRA. There were 60 invalid complaints and 358 legitimate complaints of which 41% featured cash-in problems, 23% bonus issues and 21% locked accounts as the principal disputes.

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