Double Standards in UK for Casinos

The United Kingdom has always enjoyed very open and free casino laws. This is because the government knows that whether gambling is legal or not, its citizens will nevertheless find a way to partake in betting. It is a big part of the UK culture, especially bingo, sports betting and table games.

However, even though UK based online casinos operate freely, their management nevertheless feel as though they are getting a raw deal. The fact remains that UK based online casinos pay very heavy taxes on their operations, yet foreign based online casinos are exempt from these taxes.

Foreign based online casinos have full access to the very lucrative British market and compete fiercely – as they do all over the world – for a piece of the online gambling pie. The harsh tax laws imposed in the United Kingdom on local casinos means that the foreign casinos have an unfair advantage, being able to offer better welcome bonuses and prizes. This is due to the fact that their income is considerably higher, based on their tax breaks.

If this imparity is not resolved quickly, many UK based casinos will be tempted to close down operations from within the UK and move their interests offshore. They will still have access to the UK’s citizens and offer them the same casino access, but will be paying considerably less tax.

The new UK government should rectify the situation quickly if it wished to avoid a large loss in revenue – something a new government does not want ever.

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