Poker in the Park once again a Huge Attraction

Online casinos face much competition from their land based counterparts. This competition comes in the form of bricks-and-mortar casinos and events. This time it is an event that is growing in popularity.

Although anything that raises the interest in gambling as a whole has a positive effect on the entire industry, land based events do however take clientele away from online casinos on a micro level.

Once again Lyceum Events is set to host the annual Poker in the Park event. Now in its 5th year, the event will feature a great melange of learning, live poker and entertainment. The event will take place at London’s Hanover Square on the 2nd and 3rd of September 2011.

The main poker entertainment will be housed in two giant marquees. Aside from the poker entertainment, Poker in the Park will erect a main stage that will host a range of entertainers which will include magicians, comedians, card tricksters and the British Poker Awards that will honor the best UK poker players.

For those card fans for whom poker may not be their calling, RummyRoyal.com has erected a special marquee. This marquee will host games of rummy, chess and backgammon, with the biggest attraction there being the attempt at the world’s biggest mah-jong tournament.

“Ultimately, we’re a poker festival but there’s a lot of crossover between poker and these other skill games and it’s really fun to diversify,” said Michael Caselli from Lyceum Events.

With last year’s Poker in the Park event seeing over 20,000 visitors, the overall winner on the day will nevertheless undoubtedly be poker.

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