Robbie Williams Launches Online Poker Site

Popular member of boy band “Take That” has been criticized for planning to launch a new online poker site.

Anti-gambling campaigners and fans have been enraged that the singer is launching the website as they claim that 37 year old Williams, a former drug addict, will be raking in cash from vulnerable addicts.

According to Williams’ site, RobbieWilliamsPoker.com is where poker players and Robbie Williams’ fans play each other in order to score great prizes and create the craziest avatars. The site goes on to say that it is NOT a Gambling Offer as all games are played with virtual game money with no value.

However, the anti-gambling campaigners are adamant that some of the games at the site, which is set to launch this year, do cost money despite Williams’ claims that the main focus is on having “fun”.

Tessa Munt, Liberal Democrat MP said that it was a disgrace that Williams would be making money from addicts as the singer was once himself addicted to antidepressants. Munt is furious about this as she feels that it directly targets his fans which include children and has suggested that the money that he makes should go to addiction charities.

One of Williams’ fans wrote on his official website saying that the fact that he is taking advantage of vulnerable people for financial gain does not sit right with her while another fan wrote that he wondered how many families this would ruin and that he thought that Williams understood what addiction was all about.

A spokesman for the singer said that the idea was still very much in its early stages.

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