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Moneybookers was founded in 2001 as an e-commerce business for the purposes of transferring funds across the Internet, including to online gambling sites. In March 2007 Moneybookers was bought by Investcorp Technology Partners. Today Moneybookers operates in all countries and has over 7 million account holders. Moneybookers carries out financial transactions in almost 30 currencies and offers local payments in more than 30 countries. Though the general procedure of using Moneybookers is common throughout the world, there are local variations depending on national requirements. Moneybookers is registered in the United Kingdom and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Moneybookers is an e-wallet that can be operated through three easy steps. The first step involves opening the Moneybookers account. This can be done for free through the Moneybookers website. While opening the account online players will be required to make a one-time submission of personal data for verification of identity. This is essential to ensure the security of the operations.

Funds can be uploaded into the Moneybookers account in a number of ways. Different options are available for different countries. Loading the Moneybookers account from bank accounts is the most common option. It is available for all countries and it is free. Options like credit cards and e-payment methods are country specific and can carry a small charge. Funds can be withdrawn from the Moneybookers account as well. Three options are available for this – bank transfer, paper check and to a Visa card. These options are country specific and carry a small fee.

Moneybookers can be used to send funds to individuals, fund online casinos and make other purchases online. To remit funds to an individual all that is required is the recipient’s e-mail address. In order to transfer funds to online casinos the player has to first log into the casino and access the Deposit section of the Cashier. There the player has to select Moneybookers as an option and follow the instructions on the screen. The funds are deposited in the player’s casino account instantly. A fee of 1% subject to a maximum of €0.50 is charged per transfer. Depending on the player’s status with Moneybookers there could be a limit imposed on the transfer. If the payment is to be made in a currency other than the currency in which the player holds his Moneybookers account, an additional fee is levied by Moneybookers to cover the risk of volatility in exchange rate.

Moneybookers can be used to withdraw funds from online casinos. Players have to access the Withdrawals section of the casino Cashier and select Moneybookers as the option. Then the online casino will remit the funds to the player using the e-mail address provided. Therefore it is essential that the same e-mail address is provided to both the online casino and Moneybookers. There is no free levied for receiving the funds. However if a currency transfer is involved then appropriate charges will be levied.

Moneybookers offers several benefits to online players. The transactions take place in a real time and at a nominal cost. Complete history of transactions is provided to the player. No bank account details or credit card details need to be given to the online casinos. Moneybookers offers a completely secure environment for financial transactions.

The Best Online Casinos that Accept Moneybookers Payments

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